Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Most of the time, we always see the bright side of people around us. How happy they are, how fun they got through their day, the smile that always on their faces and all those happy things happened in their life and then we start to compare with our own life which obviously bored.


Yes, we always saw that without knowing they also had a bad time, or maybe problems. Sometimes the problems they have is huge, even worst than what we had. I always remember this, my best friends told me this,

Senang orang kita nampak, susah orang kita tak tahu..

I used to have a huge problem, and I do have now, but this time around I have someone to share with. So, ya.. Orang kaya raya macam I pon ada masalah jugak..

We sneak away for 3 days to Langkawi (2 days actually, flight delay huh). We had so much fun. Just appreciate whatever you have right now.


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