Monday, June 5, 2017

Ramadhan Kareem

Hi. Seems like I really don't have much time to spend for this blog. Oh wait, I just read my previous entries and WTH?! how come my admin wrote with those grammar? Like not even me, people will notice rightfully "This is not him.. I know.. I know.."

Oh man, I need to go to English class.


About this Ramadhan, it is totally different if compare with my previous years. Alhamdulillah, its much better and mature. Our boss organized a daily hadith Qudsi and taddabur (I'm mot sure how to spell) classes. Even though in the first class people was so sleepy but the Ustaz keep on talking like the crowd pay full attention to him. Tergangguk hangguk.

However, I am glad that I've got a good point in each day. Nampak tak? I use 'A' kat situ, hahaha. Well, you better grab one than nothing, right. Because the speech that the Ustaz given was to make the point concrete and people can feel and understand easily. As listener, we have to be wise to catch what is the main point.

Day after day, the crowd including myself become more well behave, we do pay more attention and asking questions, most of the time the session which should take half an hour become one hour and its still not enough. Well, dah rasa berdosa with issues given, macam macam lah nak tanya, if the shoes fit, as the saying goes..

The more we learn and get to know new things, its much more we don't know.

So, lets try to spend some time to learn about our ugama. Its for our bekalan in akhirat.

Until next time.

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