Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 2

Seriously bro? You don't even post about day 1, now you jump to day 2?? and about what though?

Just nothing. Saje buat gempak. Like I just faced a new phase in life and try to update a daily basis progress which I don't have any actually. Just a typical daily dull life.

Here the things by the way, someone had become a radio karat in my office. Some colleagues started teasing at me and said "I knew already.." "Don't want to tell me haa.." and they keep giving cynical smile when we were bump while walking to surau or toilet.

To tell you the truth, I don't like it. This is not part of my plan. Not even close. Plus, I don't even know who is the radio karat. I was look at some people and gave them a suspicious looking eyes, hope they gelabah with my serkap jarang, but all of them make an innocent faces.

Oh man.. Malu saya dibuatnya~~

However, as what we learned in ugama class, things happened as kehendak Allah and there mus be a reason why, right. InshaaAllah, aamiin.

Pray for me. Untill next time.

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