Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Iftar at UM

I am looking forward to have at least a day iftar with my uni friends. I have my own reason for that. I called one of my friends to ask about it and hopefully there will be an iftar for us this year.

Unfortunately, he said, seems like no one plan to have it. I was like, seriously? Every year korang buat kot. How come this year tak ada?

However, Thank you Allah, he said, our prof will arrange iftar for her department and she invite all alumni to joint, "Kau tak baca wasap ke?". Ya, I am the most non productive group member. But that's not the point, the point is we will having an iftar this year, score!!

Story short, in the day event, which is last two Friday, suddenly me keep on open the alumni group wasap from the early morning. Just to ensure I will be updated with all non informative text from others actually. Never mind. After solat Jumaat, one of my friend start asking who will be going tonight? Raihan? Specifically he mentioned my name. Wow, feel like I am the important character. But I don't reply him and I just act normal because I want to surprise them.

They said, they will be coming early, around 6, just to make sure we will have some time to lepak and borak, we have been not seen each other quite sometime by the way. And most of the member who confirm to joint was so excited in the chat group because this time we will have an iftar at UM, this is like homecoming moment.

Just like most of the previous gathering, I'm the one who first arrived. Padahal aku keluar lambat dari office. Never mind, they still surprised when they saw me. I guess.

We had a lot of sharing, talking, laughing and eating moment. I really appreciate this meeting. We recall our memories in this faculty, the building had change a lot, we can't even remember where the wash room and the surau. As usual, me and one of my friend who still single jadi bahan. I don't mind, its create a situation, I mean a memorable and fun situation. Tak boleh gurau, duduk surau lah..

When we merantau and apart from our family members, friends are our family then. I hope this friendship will last until jannah. After the iftar, I go straight back to kampong, to spend time with mak and abah pulak.

Until next time.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 2

Seriously bro? You don't even post about day 1, now you jump to day 2?? and about what though?

Just nothing. Saje buat gempak. Like I just faced a new phase in life and try to update a daily basis progress which I don't have any actually. Just a typical daily dull life.

Here the things by the way, someone had become a radio karat in my office. Some colleagues started teasing at me and said "I knew already.." "Don't want to tell me haa.." and they keep giving cynical smile when we were bump while walking to surau or toilet.

To tell you the truth, I don't like it. This is not part of my plan. Not even close. Plus, I don't even know who is the radio karat. I was look at some people and gave them a suspicious looking eyes, hope they gelabah with my serkap jarang, but all of them make an innocent faces.

Oh man.. Malu saya dibuatnya~~

However, as what we learned in ugama class, things happened as kehendak Allah and there mus be a reason why, right. InshaaAllah, aamiin.

Pray for me. Untill next time.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Ramadhan Kareem

Hi. Seems like I really don't have much time to spend for this blog. Oh wait, I just read my previous entries and WTH?! how come my admin wrote with those grammar? Like not even me, people will notice rightfully "This is not him.. I know.. I know.."

Oh man, I need to go to English class.


About this Ramadhan, it is totally different if compare with my previous years. Alhamdulillah, its much better and mature. Our boss organized a daily hadith Qudsi and taddabur (I'm mot sure how to spell) classes. Even though in the first class people was so sleepy but the Ustaz keep on talking like the crowd pay full attention to him. Tergangguk hangguk.

However, I am glad that I've got a good point in each day. Nampak tak? I use 'A' kat situ, hahaha. Well, you better grab one than nothing, right. Because the speech that the Ustaz given was to make the point concrete and people can feel and understand easily. As listener, we have to be wise to catch what is the main point.

Day after day, the crowd including myself become more well behave, we do pay more attention and asking questions, most of the time the session which should take half an hour become one hour and its still not enough. Well, dah rasa berdosa with issues given, macam macam lah nak tanya, if the shoes fit, as the saying goes..

The more we learn and get to know new things, its much more we don't know.

So, lets try to spend some time to learn about our ugama. Its for our bekalan in akhirat.

Until next time.