Friday, May 27, 2016


I don’t have much things to share since I am not doing something can be share excitedly. My life since past 2 years was so lame and flat and dull. I just go with the flow and do things whatever people at my age doing.

Such as by a house.

Buying a house is a big deal right. Its involved a high commitment especially for people like me, we are depending on the big loan amount and it almost cover the total price of the house, which mean we don’t even have much money to pay a down payment, sigh. Also it will tied you like for the rest next whole of your life. It need a lot of process as well and phases.

But how this by house things can coming to my mind?

I was lucky I have great best friends who encourage me to think about to get a house. And of course they are older than me. The best part is the way they talk about it, doesn’t make me pressure at all. They just make me to think by my own self, of what I really want about what kind of home I like to have. To be frank, I spent a year to review how does the property industry in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur is going. I went a lot of property exhibitions, show house event and go to the website about property. I compared a lot of property in terms of price, space, location, developer, privileges, type of property, ownership of land, future surrounding and many more.

When I look back, seems like it’s an evolution of myself, from the beginning when I attended property exhibition, I was zero knowledge and no one approached me. I am serious! Even though I am the potential buyer but at that point of time I really don’t understand who are they looking for? Eventually I become more voice out, straight away ask about the price, be more firm of what I know or what I want. Then the agents started approached me when they saw I had a long conversation with another agent.

This process also need a cost in a huge amount like 500 to 1000 which you’ll losing it, depends on which developer you are liaise. As for myself, I don’t have any experience on how to buy a house at the beginning, just totally based on my friends experiences. Hence when I found a good house which I had consider a lot of things (I guess), I booked one apartment. Yeah, it’s kind of achievement in my life. I booked a house man! I will have a very my own home. That time I already imagine me open the door after coming back from work and seat at my sofa and watching TV and with cool air form the air conditioner.

However my loan was not approved. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise which I think that property will not good for me. I have overlook at some point and I glad it wasn’t approved, even though I lost some amount like I said just now.

My dream house was broke.

Since then, I become more particular at every single things, but for sure it won’t be a perfect one. I noticed that after a lot of visits on a same properties, the price increase significantly! Who the hell control these market price man?!  Then I started to plan what I want. I have to do a checklist and budgeting. I list down what is my target property and I do analysis at every single factor, and again there are still have pro and cons. At the same time I start calling KWSP, banks and lawyer as well as my friend to get more clear picture of how to by a house.

So, at the second time I booked a house, I was jot down all the chronologies of all my activities when I bought it. This is very important for me to make a follow up at respective parties involved like agent, bank and lawyer. Just like I said, I’m doing this based on other people experiences, if they said they take two weeks to get feedback from the banks, then I assume mine will be the same and I put a timeline what the next date for me to follow up. Its easy for me to keep track and I want to ensure that I will not miss a step.

It’s an interesting experience and I am very happy when its all done. I am waiting the property to be complete in 2018. Now, I already start paying the loan interest.

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