Friday, May 27, 2016


I don’t have much things to share since I am not doing something can be share excitedly. My life since past 2 years was so lame and flat and dull. I just go with the flow and do things whatever people at my age doing.

Such as by a house.

Buying a house is a big deal right. Its involved a high commitment especially for people like me, we are depending on the big loan amount and it almost cover the total price of the house, which mean we don’t even have much money to pay a down payment, sigh. Also it will tied you like for the rest next whole of your life. It need a lot of process as well and phases.

But how this by house things can coming to my mind?

I was lucky I have great best friends who encourage me to think about to get a house. And of course they are older than me. The best part is the way they talk about it, doesn’t make me pressure at all. They just make me to think by my own self, of what I really want about what kind of home I like to have. To be frank, I spent a year to review how does the property industry in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur is going. I went a lot of property exhibitions, show house event and go to the website about property. I compared a lot of property in terms of price, space, location, developer, privileges, type of property, ownership of land, future surrounding and many more.

When I look back, seems like it’s an evolution of myself, from the beginning when I attended property exhibition, I was zero knowledge and no one approached me. I am serious! Even though I am the potential buyer but at that point of time I really don’t understand who are they looking for? Eventually I become more voice out, straight away ask about the price, be more firm of what I know or what I want. Then the agents started approached me when they saw I had a long conversation with another agent.

This process also need a cost in a huge amount like 500 to 1000 which you’ll losing it, depends on which developer you are liaise. As for myself, I don’t have any experience on how to buy a house at the beginning, just totally based on my friends experiences. Hence when I found a good house which I had consider a lot of things (I guess), I booked one apartment. Yeah, it’s kind of achievement in my life. I booked a house man! I will have a very my own home. That time I already imagine me open the door after coming back from work and seat at my sofa and watching TV and with cool air form the air conditioner.

However my loan was not approved. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise which I think that property will not good for me. I have overlook at some point and I glad it wasn’t approved, even though I lost some amount like I said just now.

My dream house was broke.

Since then, I become more particular at every single things, but for sure it won’t be a perfect one. I noticed that after a lot of visits on a same properties, the price increase significantly! Who the hell control these market price man?!  Then I started to plan what I want. I have to do a checklist and budgeting. I list down what is my target property and I do analysis at every single factor, and again there are still have pro and cons. At the same time I start calling KWSP, banks and lawyer as well as my friend to get more clear picture of how to by a house.

So, at the second time I booked a house, I was jot down all the chronologies of all my activities when I bought it. This is very important for me to make a follow up at respective parties involved like agent, bank and lawyer. Just like I said, I’m doing this based on other people experiences, if they said they take two weeks to get feedback from the banks, then I assume mine will be the same and I put a timeline what the next date for me to follow up. Its easy for me to keep track and I want to ensure that I will not miss a step.

It’s an interesting experience and I am very happy when its all done. I am waiting the property to be complete in 2018. Now, I already start paying the loan interest.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Working

How does things going when working in KL? I was not born in KL. My hometown is Johor. The southern state in peninsular Malaysia. Johor still in my heart, always will and always have. It's all about fate. Even though when I look back, things seem been according what I had plan and wished to be happen, in the beginning. That point of time I was so naive actually. I have no idea how life will treat me, the challenges, bitter and sweet things are crossing and hijack my life without any sign and sorry.

I believe it is just not me faced those things. Everyone have their own challenge, and it depends on how each of us deal with it. Sometime 'times' solve it. You know, when times flies, the problem flies as well and gone with the wind. But most of the time, we have to solve it by our self. At some point when we look back our past, it's exactly like a movie, complete with the soundtrack and of course we are in the leading role, perfectly perform.

Anyway, I reached KL when I was 20. I was study in Universiti Malaya for three years. Its a beautiful years and I will not forget all those memories, I mean I will try not to forget, its kinda hard to remember every single things right. In UM, I knew a lot of a people, a few of them still hang out until now. We used to attend a lot of conferences and seminar, which we don't really understood actually, but the experienced was great and we get to know new people with a different background and age.

Part of the Kuala Lumpur City
Together with what I studied, I became a better person, I guess. Not a hundred percent, but in term of how I look at people, how I accept the unique of everybody, I learned about human diversity and we practice and eventually we became a better person. I think that person that we became already in us, in our body since we were born. It is just that we don't have chance to explore our self or we afraid of what community will judge us.

Then my life started disaster. Well, everyone knows how hard to get a good job. I have no talent, I have no idea about business, what I have just a degree and what I target was I need to get a good job with a better position. Trust me, it was so stressed and difficult period of my life. Time by time, I can see the real world, things will not come to you by it self and some more in front your eyes exactly like what you want. I realized that what I need was to take some time, gain some experience and gain much more patient and enjoy my life.

Masjid Jame' Kuala Lumpur
 At this age, I am not at a good position yet but this is a better position compare with my first job after my graduate, which 7 years a go. Yet, it still challenging. It will never end until we die. We will and have new problems after and after, just be ready and be a wiser than before, experience is the best teacher.

To all new graduate, its OK to start form the bottom, and looking for the success. Trust me, when you get it, you will appreciate what you have, how you'll know? You may compare with others who not get those experience, they know nothing about what your staff need and feel, but you do.

Best of luck! Until next time. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Life Is A Journey

In my department, there is a session where the staff have to give a speech about topics or ideas, these for us to gain experience on public speaking. The management will give the theme of the presentation, basically there are two theme, first you may talk about quotes and second is to give idea or new initiative about work or process in office. Eventually, it is not just you standing in front of the crowd and give a talk, but it’s a ‘presentation’ with slides, graphic, video and sound.

I was so lucky to present quotes, because I don’t have any stupid idea to present, some more the concept of the idea is ‘to get a better result’! What can me thinking? Even though it's just quotes, but typical of me, still I’m preparing my presentation at a very last minutes. What can I do, I have so much task and daily routine and a lot of things to do and the due date was so close with the previous session. I really don't have much of time. Never mind.

What had I shared about quotes? My presentation was based on the one hash tag which is #lifeisajourney. Everybody will understood what does ‘life is a journey’ means right? It’s a picture of how we go through our life, what we do for living, what we had learned, whom we met and many interesting things happened. But how we appreciate all those things and how does it influence us to become what had we become now. In my presentation, I’ve share with my crowd 4 quotes related 
with my hash tag. However I am not share here. 

When we talk about journey, there must be a destination, that what’s we are heading for, everybody has a different destination, it's very unique from each of us, it's all because we are different when we grow up and how we had been raised. That is the reason why we are doing now, to go somewhere. A long the way there will be a lot of stops. At every stop, as a human, we have to take a look back and think what's in our hand, what were we going through, what have we done, what is our achievement, what a good things we do and what a bad thing we done. Then, we need to plan what we have to do and which way we have to take to continue our journey.

In my presentation, I was highlight about how important we appreciate others. Even for people who just give a small pieces of bread in our live, there must be a reason why it happened. Don’t underestimate others or let other people down, because some day, that people could be the people that we really need for help.

And a lot. 

One thing that not happened according to my plan during my presentation was I am not speak in English, I guess I don't enough confidence, well, maybe next time then.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Restart Button

I was planned to stop this blog, because I thought there is not much to share in here and somehow I’ve become more a reserved person. Mature, I guess.

Eventually, when I think about what had happened few weeks back, maybe these is a good platform for me to improve my writing skill. Why? Because someone has highlighted and questioned where is my skill level, at what par, how good, can he write? How come they questioning where my level is? Don’t they read the Forbes? Time? Or at least NST? That level!

Ya, I know I am not good in English. Terrible. Poor. Sad.

Hence, I will post about random topics which there will be a lot of sentences and paragraph and quotes and photos. And of course it will depends on my free time. To be frank, while I write this post my excitement level is very high to make this things real. I mean, to keep on writing and posting and after a few months, puff! I’ve become a good writer.

Well, I guess it’s not my excitement but my imaginary. This is the first post (literally), all those 500 plus entries has been remove because they are so uncivilized and primitive.

This is a clean slate and fresh!

Until next time.