Wednesday, September 30, 2015


A lot of things make me envious of others and it always disturbing my mind. On how come he can do a presentation well, on how she can speak English fluently, on how he can do a good public speaking on how they can afford a very good attire? Why they are good looking? How come they can be brave to talk in front a lot of people? And why I can’t be like them?

Of course you can! What you have to do is drive your mind into positive way, make a start, keep practicing and patient, then you will be success – kata seorang motivator online. Talk talk easyla.
Yes, that’s the way, but sometime we don’t have time to practice. There you are, that is the reason why you can’t achieve what you want. 

Lesson 101, you shouldn’t spent a time to practice, but you have to practice during you do your daily basis job, when you talk to your friend, when you write emails, when you have to declare something, sharing something in your unit meeting and all those dully things you do every single day like asking a price at coffee shop, asking for a location acah acah tourist etc, just try to talk in English, learn and think.

Currently I am adore with people who do public speaking. I don’t get where their ideas come from? If the speaker is the old person, I do understand because they have a lot of experience to be share, but how come the young one can do good speech? There is must be magic involve, I knew it. They speak nicely, firmly, good expression, and all good things are in them. This is not when they do a speech only, even when we have only normal conversation. Yes, I’m very thankful to Him because allow me to meet all those good people, a lot of good things I can learn from them, and now I am trying to improve.

It is not easy. But someone told me today, you have to start, for whatever good things you have plan to do.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Salam Ramadhan.

Kalau di skrol ke bawah, selang dua tiga entri adalah entri Ramadhan tahun lepas. Punyalah lembab blog ni di update, macam dah tak ada significant dalam alam siber ni. Kalau nak dibandingkan dengan lima tahun lepas, level momentum of excitement untuk kongsikan kisah hidup memang jauh berbeza. Mungkin faktor usia atau masa yang menjadi sebab.

Cerita pasal Ramadhan, banyak benda menarik yang berlaku di bulan Ramadhan sepanjang 30 tahun aku hidup, Alhamdulillah. Banyak jugak angka umur aku. Dan ya, aku masih lagi bujang. InShaaAllah aku akan keep on update status aku, OK. Sebelum puasa hari tu, rumah mak uda aku buat kenduri arwah, aku lepak dengan sepupu aku, sakan borak, sampai satu part dia kenal kawan aku. Kawan aku tu pulak anak dah 3. Dan dia dengan muka terkejut

"Sebaya kau?!" Sambil pandang aku atas bawah. Kurang ajar di situ.

Lumrah orang merantau, pasti ada susah senang hidupnya. Kalau orang kata hidup ni macam roda, sekejap di atas, sekejap di bawah, betul lah tu. Masa dekat bawah, peritnya Allah sahaja yang tahu. Lebih-lebih lagi bila roda kat bawah tu berlaku masa bulan Ramadhan. Ya Allah, mencabarnya hidup. Aku tak nak cerita detail dekat sini apa yang dah berlaku cuma saja je nak bukak sikit kenangan lama.

Cumanya, nak ingatkan diri sendiri supaya sentiasa bersyukur dengan apa juga rezeki dan nikmat yang Allah bagi. Walaupun hanya sehembus nafas. Amboi. Dan selalulah muhasabah diri, tengok balik apa silap aku, apa perkara tak elok yang aku dah buat, cuba tinggalkan dan jadi lebih baik. Seterusnya kenalah Istiqamah dan kuatkan semangat.

Biasanya manusia ni bila dah terhantuk baru nak tergadah. Percayalah, terhantuk tu, sakitnya menusuk berbekas tak hilang. Jadi sebelum kau terhantuk, baiklah ubah perangai buruk kau tu. maksud aku, aku.

Friday, June 12, 2015


Dengan nama Allah.

Recently, I do a major business. Million dollar business. Drama sangat. I have just to deal with some huge things. Which have given a giant impact to my entire whole life as a living legend. Anyhow, they move well and I do hope it will give me a positive value to me in term of to see what is the "living" actually means.

People, please be civilized. Act as civilized human mankind. We don't want you to be not who you really are, but please do respect each other. It is a basic rule of life for every agama, bangsa dan negara. Appreciate of what had been given to you, it might not cost you high but the value is always at the high par. If you cross the bottom line of that value, than its too bad because you just reach the lowest level of rude even the ratio only 0.01%, but you also know, people will always remember the mistake or bad thing that you did even just once.

So, if you ratio is 68.79%, nescaya neraka jahanam lah tempat kau.

Until next time.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Dengan nama Allah.

Always happened to be after I do something that I really wanted to do then come a feeling to regret about it. I mean totally regret. Masa tu aku kena panic attack. I keep on thinking of the consequences. Should I stop it or shouldn't I? What have I been thinking? What an objective reason do I have to make that kind of decision? Is something come into my body on that time or what?

What the heck la....

But that's was. A long long time ago, like last week maybe. Now I have become more mature, I guess. With too many huge things to deal with, it makes me think wisely, properly, systematically and all the ly, plus I have a couple of great good friends who gave me a very very good advice and guidance, thanks, I really appreciate it.

By the way, seriously.. I think I made mistake... or not.. What if this is a stupid decision?

Hantuk kepala kat dinding kuat-kuat!