Friday, June 12, 2015


Dengan nama Allah.

Recently, I do a major business. Million dollar business. Drama sangat. I have just to deal with some huge things. Which have given a giant impact to my entire whole life as a living legend. Anyhow, they move well and I do hope it will give me a positive value to me in term of to see what is the "living" actually means.

People, please be civilized. Act as civilized human mankind. We don't want you to be not who you really are, but please do respect each other. It is a basic rule of life for every agama, bangsa dan negara. Appreciate of what had been given to you, it might not cost you high but the value is always at the high par. If you cross the bottom line of that value, than its too bad because you just reach the lowest level of rude even the ratio only 0.01%, but you also know, people will always remember the mistake or bad thing that you did even just once.

So, if you ratio is 68.79%, nescaya neraka jahanam lah tempat kau.

Until next time.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Dengan nama Allah.

Always happened to be after I do something that I really wanted to do then come a feeling to regret about it. I mean totally regret. Masa tu aku kena panic attack. I keep on thinking of the consequences. Should I stop it or shouldn't I? What have I been thinking? What an objective reason do I have to make that kind of decision? Is something come into my body on that time or what?

What the heck la....

But that's was. A long long time ago, like last week maybe. Now I have become more mature, I guess. With too many huge things to deal with, it makes me think wisely, properly, systematically and all the ly, plus I have a couple of great good friends who gave me a very very good advice and guidance, thanks, I really appreciate it.

By the way, seriously.. I think I made mistake... or not.. What if this is a stupid decision?

Hantuk kepala kat dinding kuat-kuat!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Dengan nama Allah.

I am not sure if I have become a reserve person now? There is nothing to keep secret but at the same time there is nothing to be share as well. Maybe writing is not kind a thing that I love to do like it used to be.

People change anyway.

Anyhow, I am 30 now.

More matured.. I guess.. puii..

I still remember last year, when I turned to 29, I've got a birthday card from my best friend. The wish inside the card is

"Life begins at 30" with a smiley after it.

I was laughed out loud that time and I told my friend that I will reopen the card next year. Which is this year. And my friend is totally right, my life begins at 30. There are so much things happened towards my 30 and after my 30. And there are so many things should be done and to be explore. This journey had become messy sometime but it is a beautiful experience, even though...

Despite busy with all things I have to plan and do and among all those life issues, marriage is one of the big huge story to be cover up.

Well, there is nothing wrong to be a 30 years old man. But it is a big deal if you are a hot 30 years old man and still single.

Until next time.

Pray For MH370

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Pertama kali masak lemak cili api.

Macam biasalah, resepi emak, kalau dah sampai kat anak, pincang lah jadinya, hahaha..

Tapi rasa tetap sama..

Bahan-bahan tu aku tumbuk.. Lepas ni nak beli blender.. Penat..

Salam Ramadhan